Monday, 5 August 2013

Major trends in my context

The three major trends I have identified are:

This trend focuses on the use of standards, assessment with rewards and punishment as its drivers.
This trend is important in our context as it appears there is an increasing international focus on standardising learning and increased assessment. The Herald featured an article about a school that had a commissioner appointed because they refused to provide National Standards data to the Ministry.

This trend focuses on the use of online learning and networks to solve problems. This is important in our context in two ways:
-the way our students access learning and the concept of school (face to face/ online)
-the way we develop our teachers-research has shown that individual development of teachers has a negligible effect on the performance of teams. Our focus needs to be how we can develop high performance across teams.

This trend focuses on open access to learning resources. This is important to us as it gives us the ability to copy and remix materials without the barriers to access, sharing and use.

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