Monday, 5 August 2013

Scenario matrix

Uncertainty Matrix created using Graphics Hardware-my daughter's Smiggles! Lol.

1. Accountability
A focus on the use of Standards and assessment to lift student achievement. This driver is an uncertainty because it is unclear where this driver will take education. The move internationally is towards standardised testing and national measures. Will this trend continue at the expense of  deep, authentic learning? There has recently been a case where a commissioner was appointed in a school that refused to furnish the Ministry with their National Standards data. The punitive measures the Ministry are using to further their agenda are alarming.

2. Capacity
A focus on developing teacher capacity through developing new skills and identifying deeper motivations for performance. This is an uncertainty because it is unclear how standardisation will impact on this process. This trend is reliant on formative processes to raise student achievement through the learning-instruction-assessment cycle. Focus on developing teachers capacity to deliver a rich, authentic curriculum. This impacts on our context as we are attempting to balance the tension between teacher development and accountability.

3. Openness
Paradigm shift involving the use of online learning, and open access resources. Focus on collaboration across settings and modes of delivery. This is an uncertainty because the form and pace of this shift is unknown. There is also an impact in our in terms of how learning environments will look and their future functions.

4. Ownership
Copyright and IP are dominant factors in the use and diffusion of knowledge. Ideas and created works are restricted and controlled. This is an uncertainty because it is unclear whether there will be a countermovement against open access.

I look forward to your comments. As David Wiley states "Without sharing there is no education."


  1. Good morning! :)

    Love the high-tech wiggle board!!!

    I'm really interested in your first point considering assessment as a means to lift student achievement. I think assessment is a key area we need to consider if we want to truly move forward with education, rather than just paying lip service to the idea. I think this requires quite a shift in thinking, with a preparedness to take a leap and act big......aren't we, as Kiwis, supposed to be known for our innovation and willingness to lead the way on such things? 2025 news headline: 'First to Give Women the Vote....but what happened to education? :p

  2. Exactly! We have a fantastic curriculum framework that can genuinely be adapted to meet the learning needs of the communities in which they are developed...until ugly National Standards turned up to ruin the party. Assessment is vitally important but it is about designing formative tools that can support learners more effectively to make progress, rather than reach an imagined and ill informed benchmark.