Monday, 15 July 2013


It now feels like I am seeing light in terms of accessing some literature around IP and traditional knowledge. I think the inquiry may change to include the policies and protocols we need in place to protect and promote indigenous knowledge in a school context. 
I am at a three day residential from tomorrow, so I look forward to catching up on discussions when I return.


  1. Kia ora Wayne,

    I'd be keen to know to what extent the Creative Commons licensing frameworks could support the policy protocols needed to protect and promote indigenous knowledge. As a member of the advisory board of Creative Commons Aotearoa and the UNESCO-COL Chair in OER -- I have an active interest in your research project. We have a few resources which summarise the Creative Commons concept which may lead you to relevant sources:

  2. An afterthought,

    In terms of the New Zealand school context the New Zealand Government Open Access Licensing Framework (NZGOAL) encourages school Boards of Trustees to adopt open licensing of intellectual property. A number of New Zealand schools have already done so. So in terms of the arena of change at the Government / Parliamentary level there is already an enabler for open licensing of IP.


    1. Thanks Wayne. This has further clarified the approach I will take. Appreciate your support.