Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The arena of change

I was at an address by the Minister of Education yesterday and was interested around her comments regarding the future of schooling. Her primary message was a positve one-based on PISA evidence countries that believe students can succeed are the ones that find the mechanisms to achieve this. Her other message heartened me in my lead role-the Minister is committed to de-cluttering the relationship between schools and the Ministry. If the information requested from schools no longer serves a function it should not be requested. Her commitment to schools is to developing instructional leaders, as the BES will show, this is one of the most effective ways to shift achievement. I welcome this shift in the collective thinking of the Ministry, but am guessing at this stage it may just be the Minister that has this desire!
So in terms of the Arena of Change the bureaucratic actions that stifle innovation at a localised level may disappear as the Ministry attempts to move its provision closer to the interface with the learner. The rollout of the Network for Learning (N4L) may also be a way to achieve this. I welcome this move.

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