Monday, 29 July 2013

Provisional Essay Plan-review of change model

What is my goal for writing this essay? My goal for writing this essay is to understand how the implementation of a kaitiakitanga framework can be strengthened through the adoption of Creative Commons. I will need to consider the impact of this policy framework in terms of the multiple ecologies within the arena of change.

What information do I need to include? I need to include the change model(s) I will be referencing and their links to my context. I would like to include:

-an ecological framework (the arena of change)
-a Concerns-Based Adoption Model (CBAM) source
-a Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) source
-a Learning/ Adoption Trajectory (LAT) source
-a source based around Roger's diffusion of innovation theory

I will also include information around indigenous knowledge in a digital context, principles of  kaitiakitanga, and Creative Commons/ OER.

How will the information be organised?

Introduce the principles of kaitiakitanga and Creative Commons.
Explain why the adoption of Creative Commons is important within a guardianship framework and how this will influence the school:
1. at a policy level-promotion and protection of knowledge
2. at a classroom level-the 4 r's of openess (Wiley, 2009)-impacts in terms of practice
Link this to the Arena of change - Ecological perspective NZGOAL, Creative Commons Aotearoa, Policy development.

Description of the change model(s)
-LAT-how it applies to the implementation of kaitiakitanga
-CBAM-how it can be used to support the change process

Review of the Implications
-LAT review including limitations and possible adaptations
-CBAM review including limitations and possible adaptations

Summary of findings, recommendations


  1. Kia ora Wayne,

    Your essay plan is looking good. My only comment is to monitor the weighting (word count) between the different sections (Introduction, Body and Conclusion.) The risk you need to manage is expending too much of the essay writing up the introduction. The essence and bulk of the message needs to be in the body. I guess you know that -- just that this is a compelling and interesting topic and its easy to get "bogged down" in interesting tangents.

    Given my own interests in open education -- really looking forward to reading the outputs of your research.

  2. Tena koe Wayne
    Thanks for this feedback.You are right about the compelling nature of the topic, and the risk of exploring non-productive but interesting tangents.
    Looking at the introduction again the links to the arena of change could be discussed in the body.
    Appreciate your feedback.